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1869 to 2019 150 Years

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1869 to 2019    150 YEARS

Jo Burkitt: Saturday 24th January 2015 at 23:05



Vanessa Cannon: Tuesday 13th January 2015 at 21:24





How about trying our very own Reduced Fat Lincolnshire Sausages made with ultra lean pork and wholemeal bread, ensuring a lower in fat sausage but still tasting every bit as much as a Lyell's Sausage!

Ideal as part of a calorie controlled diet.









"Had some last night and they were yummy."



Ali Hutson: Wednesday 7th January 2015 at 08:11



Janet Barton: Saturday 10th January 2015 at 21:25 in Boston



"Just had your low fat sausages Steve, they're brilliant, keep them coming, Emma Cook loves them too xxxx."



"Loved the ultra low fat sausages we had for tea, hardly any fat in the grill pan and more filling than the normal ones.  Brilliant!"



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"I wanna say a big thank you and an amazing shout out for your (non-slimming world) low fat sausages........... they were gorgeous....I love a good butchers sausage and had given them up to lose weight!!  Your ultra low fat sausages are highly recommended by me and I will be telling everyone about them."



Corinne Tarbuck: Wednesday 14th January 2015 at 08:35




PLEASE NOTE:  These sausages are not endorsed by any branded weight loss organisation and can only help weight loss as part of a calorie controlled diet.  We are not stating a 'calorific' value but surmising on the presumption that these sausages are lower in fat than our normally produced items.

(Please seek the advice of your GP before undertaking any weight loss programme).

"Just had the very low fat sausages.  Absolute delicious.  Highly recommended.  If u want the low fat but all the flavour these are the sausages for u.  x"



Trudie Smart: Friday 16th January 2015 at 20:22



"Loving the low fat sausages definitely all the taste and no fat not one drop on my George Foreman grill!"



"Absolutely delicious low fat sausages very very tasty will definitely be coming back to get some more thanks guys xx  well done x."



Caroline Newton: Saturday 24th January 2015 at 21:41